LOCCAM - the image tell more

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In the past, you knew your dog’s location, but now you can see what your dog is really up to.
The next step in tracking is now here, see the situations with your dog’s eyes. 

The LOCCAM CAM remote control camera is not only a remote control camera for a dog, but you can also use the device in many other applications, for example as a surveillance camera.

LoCCaM application

With the LOCCAM app, you can receive images from a trail camera, control a loccam device, or use it as a map app when fishing or hiking.

The app has a highly developed chat feature as a locator app. You can share images, videos, contacts, files, voice messages, or location information in a conversation.

Our Product


Through us, you can also get proven accessories.
Sifar Willfine trail / surveillance cameras. Reliable and easy to deploy. If you wish, you also get the cameras pre-installed.
Fenix’s products have been selected precisely those with which we believe we offer added value to users. We have selected Fenix ​​batteries and chargers as well as very bright and high-quality luminaires for our selection.
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