The Loccam is a unique fully remotely controlled camera on the dog’s collar that allows the owner to see the situation through the dog’s eyes.
There has been a strong desire in product development to increase the safety of the dog. Getting the most real-time image possible from a dog increases
awareness of what is happening and allows the owner to respond to the threat as quickly as possible if necessary.

The remote-controlled bright LEDs also bring security to the dog with its visibility. A completely new way of trying to protect a dog from the attack of a beast is the device’s unique remote panic function. The Panic function strobes the bright forward-facing LED while playing a pre-set sound through the speaker. Not even the panic function will stop the beast from attacking the dog, but hopefully it will give the dog even a little extra time for the owner to protect his dog.

From the equipment, the user has the opportunity to request:
– Single image, at a resolution selected by the user.
– Cartoon, with the number, quality and interval between images selected by the user.
– Video, with user-selectable length, quality and compression.
– Audio, user selectable length.
– Location information
– The device can be remotely stored in the device’s memory, from where the videos can be transferred to a server.

The versatility of the hardware is enhanced by video and voice calling. These can be used to instruct a dog to engage a person, command a dog, or use a
collar for surveillance tasks and report findings through the device.

A lot has been invested in modularity in the design of the hardware and software, so that in the future it will be easy to add features to the existing hardware without having to renew the entire hardware.



Loccam software is versatile and has also sought to find completely new safety features for both nature walkers and hunters.

A unique location request for another loccam user. By allowing another user to request your location in the program, the
program handles the rest automatically. Even if your phone is in your pocket and you are asked for location information,
the program will pass the location information to the requester. The feature cannot be used without the other’s knowledge, but each query will also be visible to another user.

In addition to versatile chat features, the program also allows you to receive pictures from game cameras. With different
licensing options, you can receive images from 1-10 different game cameras. Each camera can be given its own unique beep as well as automatic image / video sharing with other users.

Images and videos can be shared on various social media channels very quickly and easily, allowing people who do not yet have a loccam app to access images and videos easily.



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